AIDAN VO  |  Optical Manager / Eyewear Guru

Aidan not only makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the optical, by properly training and supervising our optical staff, he is also personally responsible for selecting our wide selection of designer eyewear.  Known as the "Eyewear Whisperer,” he uses his keen eye for fashion and symmetry to expertly guide our patients through the fun process of selecting the best frame style, guaranteed to elicit compliments. With an in-depth knowledge of all of the vast lens designs and options, he ensures that our patients are not only looking fabulous, but also choosing the highest quality products that promote optimal eye health, vision, and safety.

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JAHMAE PATAGUE  |  Assistant Clinic & Administrative Manager

Jahmae is always conscientious to cater to our patients' needs and makes sure that everything runs seamlessly and efficiently in our office.  With her acute attention to detail, she oversees the proper intake and preliminary testing of all of our patients before they are examined by the doctor, as well as ensures that all staff members master the computerized diagnostic technology available in our office.  Knowledgeable about insurance billing issues, she also oversees insurance claims submitted on behalf of our patients, in order to ensure maximal reimbursement for services and products.


ALLISON NAVA  |  ABO-Certified Optician / Eyewear Guru

Allison is a natural when fitting the perfect eyewear frame style for an individual's facial structure and, moreover, educating patients in detail about exactly how their eyewear prescription, involving various ophthalmic lens types, materials, and treatments, meet their personal needs.  In this way, they come to a better understanding of how and why particular lenses yield superior vision, as well as look their absolute best.  She is also trained to perform advanced computerized diagnostic testing on our patients.


TERESA LERMA  |  Optician / Eyewear Guru

Teresa has had years of experience in the optical field but a lifetime of experience when it comes to caring about people. That’s why she found Eye Love Optometry a perfect fit because patients always come first. She considers it a privilege to be able to help and believes that “compassion never goes out of fashion.” It is what separates us from everyone else.

SONIA FLORES  |  Optometric Assistant

Sonia warmly welcomes each and every patient to our office with her friendly smile and caring demeanor.  From preliminary and computerized diagnostic testing of patients, to the submission of insurance claims on behalf of our patients, she ensures that each and every patient is well taken care of.  Her organizational skills ensure that nothing is overlooked in our office.