Causes & Treatment of Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease has a variety of causes, which all have to do with the ability of the tear film to do its job of lubricating your eyes.  If your tears are not properly moisturizing and protecting your eyes, they may be of insufficient volume or are likely missing a key component of their chemistry.

Thankfully, there are many treatments available for dry eyes.  Eye Love Optometry prides itself in offering treatment that gets to the root cause of the symptoms.  Treating the underlying cause of your dry eye disease results in longstanding relief.


Treatments are geared towards:

  • Supplementing with artificial tear eyedrops
  • Unblocking glands that produce key components of the tears
  • Managing conditions affecting the eyelids, such as blepharitis and rosacea, which alter tear composition
  • Conserving tears by plugging tear ducts
  • Topical & oral medications that block known inflammatory processes causing symptomatic dry eyes

If you have more questions about dry eye therapy or experiencing any symptoms related to dry eyes, please schedule an appointment with us.