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Experience the phenomenon for yourself.

We always aim to consistently curate a bespoke experience, personally customizing the eyewear fitting process to suit your unique needs.  We do this not only by selecting the appropriate frame and ophthalmic lenses for your particular prescription, but also by uncovering specific needs and preferences.  We ask questions about your lifestyle, interests, pastimes and hobbies, sports activities, and work requirements.

We always make it a FUN and ENJOYABLE process, pushing patients to try on fashionable eyewear that they would never have thought of choosing, but then end up ABSOLUTELY LOVING.



Our patients share our appreciation for the artistry of eyewear.  Those personalities inspired by our eYebar value refinement, individuality, and creativity, which is why they’ve come to have their eyewear served as art.

Our Eyewear Gurus, as personal eyewear stylists, are dedicated to augmenting the confidence of our patients.  We strongly believe that knowledge is power, so we ensure we take the time to fully understand our patients and their preferences.

The results are truly share-worthy – so much so that we’ve created a photo booth for our happy patients to share their new looks and experiences.