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Does Myopia Get Worse with Age?

A man holding his smartphone very close to his face

Millions of Americans wear glasses or contact lenses due to myopia, also known as nearsightedness.  It usually develops in children and adolescents, but you may have wondered whether myopia worsens with age.  Myopia in children can progress until they reach their 20s, making children’s eye exams essential in diagnosing the condition early.  Adults who were […]

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How Long Does an Eye Exam Take?

A woman in an optometrist's office looking through a device called a digital phoropter that determines her eyeglass prescription and tests her vision.

Everyone should visit their eye doctor regularly, especially in childhood when certain eye conditions can be slowed down or even completely prevented.  Eye exams are vital for protecting your eye health because tests performed by your eye doctor can help to identify and treat eye diseases and other problems during their early stages. If you […]

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How to Prevent Astigmatism and Myopia?

Girl with astigmatism squinting by taking off her glasses

Astigmatism and myopia affect millions of Americans, typically from a young age. These conditions can make it harder to see, affecting your quality of life. With the effect of these refractive errors on vision, many people wonder how to prevent astigmatism and myopia.  Although you can’t prevent astigmatism from developing, the likelihood of myopia developing […]

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